Shen Gong Wu in my fanon.

Shen Gong WuEdit

  • Mantis Flip coin

Let's you backflip and jump about. Found in America in Jerome's neighbourhood. Omi wins it in a Shen Gong Wu duel.

  • Serpent's tail

Let's you turn intangible so you can go through things. The reversing mirror's effect makes it turn intangible beings like ghosts solid. It is found in an Egyptian pyramid by Kimiko.

This Shen Gong Wu keeps moving between Xiaolin and Heylin hands.

  • Shroud of shadows

Turns you invisible as long as you wear it, like an invisibility cloak.

Found in the property of Morphious the Magnificent, a magician on tour through Europe. The Monks get very lucky and win it in a Shen Gong Wu duel. Good thing too as it would be very helpful for stealing things.

  • Eye of Dashi

Named after Master Dashi. It projects lightning bolts at people.

One of two initial Shen Gong Wu already in the Monk's care.

  • Two Tun Tunic

A heavy suit of armour that makes whoever wears it indistructible. Unfortunately it is very heavy and difficult to move in.

One of two initial Shen Gong Wu already in the Monk's possession.

  • Fist of Tebigong

Allows the users to punch very hard, sending foes flying. It even works against the Two Tun Tunic. Clay can also use his earth elemental powers to punch with a fist of stone or cause earthquakes by punching the ground.

Found in a quarry.

  • The monkey staff

Turns whoever uses it into a monkey. Jack and Oscar's favourite Shen Gong Wu. Oscar's monkey form in particular is himself covered in brown fur with a brown prehensile tail. Monkey Oscar wears a diaper and unfortunately makes use of them, a lot.

Lost briefly to Jack, currently in the Monk's care.

  • Tangleweb comb

A comb with tentacle like teeth that grow to incredible lengths and tie people up. Can also grab things with it. It requires tremendous concentration to use though.

Found in the same episode as the Monkey Staff.

  • Golden Tiger claws

Let's the user teleport to wherever they please by cutting holes in time and space with it.

Katnappé wins them in a Shen Gong Wu.

  • Changing Chopsticks

Allows the user to shrink themselves. To undo this the chopsticks must be used with the reversing mirror for the opposite effect of growing instead.

Teddy likes to shrink people with them.

  • Jet Bootsu

A pair of shoes with jets in the soles to allow the wearer to fly very fast. Jack often has them to fly about his lair.

  • Sword of the Storms

Allows the user to control the wind, when combined with the eye of Dashi the user can become intangible and move as fast as lightning. As the Monk of wind, Raimundo uses this one a lot.

  • Helmet of Jong

Allows the user to see behind themselves. As if they have eyes in the back of their head.

It forms Mala Mala Jong's head.

  • Third arm Sash

A sash worn around the waist that also acts as an extra arm, for multi tasking. Omi uses it often.

Teddy also wears it often when his paws are full and he needs to grab baby Oscar if he's about to wander off.

  • Ring of nine dragons

Allows the user to split themselves up into multiple copies, each with only a fraction of strength and one aspect of personality e.g. Anger, happy, fear etc.

  • Falcon's eye

Allows its user to see through anything solid, for spying on others.

Oscar has some very, perverted uses for it...

  • Sapphire dragon

Turns people into sapphire statues. Unfortunately the Shen Gong Wu has a mind of its own and can control people turned into sapphire as its mindless slaves.

The dragon's only weakness is soot.

  • Orb of Tsunami

Allows the user to summon a deluge of water, Omi being the Monk of water can also make it produce ice to freeze himself and others. Very useful when trapped in the past.

Was under Papa Bailey's care but was stolen by Jack. Omi then won the orb back.

  • Star of Hanabi

This Shen Gong Wu shoots fire at foes. It also glows in the dark and Kimiko can throw it like a flaming frisbee. It can also power machines.

  • Lotus twister

Allows the user to stretch their arms and legs to incredible lengths as if they're made of rubber. Found in the Everglades.

  • Longi Kite

When worn on the user's back, they can fly with a pair of dragon wings, unlike the wings of Tinabi they have total control over their new powers.

  • Tongue of Saipeng

Allows the user to talk to animals. When used with the Monkey Staff allows the user to control an army of green monkeys but only on the year of the monkey.

Oscar uses this when visiting the Jumanji cartoonverse to talk to the animals, they don't have much to say...

  • Sun Chi Lantern.

This lantern's light absorbs the chi of whoever it shines on, in the case of the monks, it absorbs their elemental powers. It can also be used as a regular lantern to see in the dark.

Oscar uses it as a night light.

  • Heart of Jong

Creates a fierce warrior made up of Shen Gong Wu called Mala Mala Jong. Can also be used as a power source for machines bring them to life.

  • Reversing Mirror

A mirror Wu that redirects attacks and can, when used with another Wu reverse it's effect.

E.g. Changing Chopsticks grow people instead of shrink, Crystal glasses show what won't happen in the future, Serpent's tail turns ghosts and intangible beings solid.

  • Shard of lightning

Allows the user to move faster than light but only in one flash of lightning.

Oscar likes to cause mayhem with it.

  • Silver Manta Ray

A vehicle shaped like a giant manta ray, it can fly and swim through water. It also can compact into a smaller size when not in use.

  • Crystal glasses

Allows the user to see into the future, near of far. However if the reversing mirror is used on them, they will show false futures.

  • Wushu helmet

Protects the user's noggin from attacks. Can also be used as a head for Mala Mala Jong when the helmet of Jong is absent. (When Mala Mala Jong uses the ring of nine dragons, some of his clones have Wushu helmets instead.)

  • Wings of Tinabi

Allows the user to fly as long as they hold on to it. However it is very difficult to control. On the plus side, it leaves a trail of rainbows!

  • Glove of Jisaku

A magical magnet that grabs things from people with its magical magnetism. It is worn as a glove.

  • Thorn of Thunderbolt

Zap enemies with lightning. Combined with the Eye of Dashi to form the Thunderbolt sword.

  • Tunnel Armadillo

a vehicle Shen Gong Wu that tunnels deep underground.

  • Ju ju Flytrap.

Summons insects to bother opponents. Oscar uses it to summon bees.

  • Silk Spitter

Shoot spider webs at foes to restrain them. Oscar likes tormenting people with it, such as Omi.

  • Sands of Time

This Shen Gong Wu allows the user to travel through time and alternate futures caused by their absence. It can also bring back people from the past or future. However it is sometimes very picky and won't allow the user to return to their time, leaving them stranded.

  • Sweet Baby Among Us

Turns into a giant golden baby who fires diapers at foes! Oscar seems to really love using this Shen Gong Wu...

  • Ruby of Rameses

Telekinetically move things with this by pointing the ruby at whatever you want to move. Even people, so you can throw people about.

  • Mind Reader Conch

Allows the user to read minds by putting it to their ear.

  • Shadow of Fear

Shows someone's worst fear and allows the user to enter other's dreams.

  • Crouching Cougar

Another vehicle Shen Gong Wu. It runs very fast allowing the Monks to travel vast distances.

  • Lasso Boa Boa

A rope that turns into a snake to attack and tie up foes.

  • Moonsoon Sandals

Like the Lotus Twister but only stretches legs.

  • Mosiac Scales.

Used to imprison small but dangerous entities. Such as Sinibi.

  • Monarch wings

The only Shen Gong Wu that can open the Mosiac Scales, unleashing whatever was trapped inside.

  • Lunar Locket

Changes the phases of the moon at will, in theory it could create an endless solar eclipse. A giant snowman monster brought to life with the heart of Jong has it.

  • Gills of Hamachi

Allows the user to breath underwater by turning them into a fish person with gills.

Oscar likes being a Merboy with this Shen Gong Wu.

  • Black Beetle

Forms a heat resistant armour.

  • Sphere of Yun

Trap anyone in an invisible and indestructible see through sphere. Only way to escape is with the serpent's tail.

  • Emporer Scorpion

Controls all other Shen Gong Wu. Used mostly to control Mala Mala Jong and his clones, otherwise he does his own thing. Can also be used to use another's Shen Gong Wu against them as all Shen Gong Wu are compelled to obey this one.

  • Zing Zom-bone

Turns people into zombies who must obey the one using this Shen Gong Wu.

  • Fountain of Hui

Has information on everything, unfortunately without the Eagle Scope it floods users with information causing their minds to burn up, killing them.

  • Eagle Scope

Allows one to see over vast distances and when used with the fountain of Hui, allows the user to focus on only the information they need.

  • Moonstone Locust

Attack foes with a swarm of locusts. Used mostly against plant based foes and to eat away at overgrown plants.

  • Wushan Geyser

A helmet that wipes people's memories.

  • Shen Ga Roo

Another vehicle Wu. It can hop across vast distances however it's not very comfortable to ride in.

  • Woozy Shooter

Shoots a purple smog that makes people act stupid for a brief period.

  • Manchurian Musca

Turns the user into a fly and gives them a craving for sugar.

  • The Golden Finger

Freezes time around the user. The user remains unaffected by the freeze.

  • Hodaku Mouse

Allows one to revert their mistakes by giving them one last chance to hop back in time to alter what they did.

  • Ying Yo Yo

Allows one to enter the Ying Yang world. Without its twin, the Yang Yo yo however, the user will leave behind their chi, turning good people bad and bad people good.

  • Yang Yo Yo

Allows one to enter the Ying Yang World. Without its twin the Ying Yo Yo, the user leaves behind their Chi.

  • Moby Morpher

Allows the user to change their size and shape at will. They can even turn into others in disguise.

  • Blade of the Nebula

Raimundo's Wudai weapon.

  • Shimu Staff

Omi's Wudai weapon.

  • Arrow Sparrows

Kimiko's Wudai weapon

  • Big Bang meteorang

Clay's Wudai Weapon.

  • Rio Reverso

Turns Thing back to what they were originally. Eg football into a pig, chicken into an egg, oil into a dinosaur.

  • Fancy feet

Gives the user super sonic speed when worn.

  • Shadow Slicer

Allows the user to create mirages from their shadow, shadow clones basically.

  • Kusuzu Atom

When used, fires a beam that annihilates anything, including other Shen Gong Wu!

  • Wudai gauntlets

These Shen Gong Wu are worn on the arm to enhance a monk's elemental powers. Kaijin Charm, Crest of the Condor, Cat's Eye Draco and Long Horn Taurus. Omi's, Raimundo's, Kimiko's and Clay's respectively.

  • Denshi Bunny

Turns the user into electricity allowing them to travel through anything conducive.

  • Ants in pants

Inflicts ants on people.

  • Cannon Blaster

Fires oneself out of this Wu as a cannonball.

  • Mikado arm

Gives the user super strength in the form of big, muscular arms.

  • Tanooki brush

Looks like a Tanooki's tail. Brings anything painted with it to life.

Oscar finds it and uses it during his debut to bring his cartoon creatures to life.

  • Dragon booster Fly

Boosts a user's powers, i.e. A Monk's elemental powers.

  • Crocodile scissors

Cut through anything!

  • Dupligator

Feed something to the Shen Gong Wu and it will multiply by two.

Oscar manages to flood the temple with candy bars with this Shen Gong Wu.

  • Infinite dodge balls

Summon lots of bouncing dodge balls. Initially found in the hands of Springfield's gym teacher. He had been using it to bully his pupils.

  • Sands of Time pieces

Does nothing, they are scattered throughout time and must be regathered to put this Shen Gong Wu back together again.

Ping upgrades Edit

When Ping joins the dojo he has the skill to upgrade the Shen Gong Wu. Unfortunately he's power is not always available.

  • Sword of the storm to Sword of Lucida

A stronger version of Raimundo's Sword of the Storm.

  • Orb of Tsunami to Orb of Torrents

A stronger version of Omi's Orb of Tsunami.

  • Fist of Tebigon to Fist of the iron bear

A Stronger version of Clay's Fist of Tebigon.

  • Star of Harami to Supernova Star

A stronger version of Kimiko's Star of Harami

  • Monkey staff to Monkey spear

A stronger version of the Monkey Staff. The upgrade adds the ability to summon monkeys.

  • Shroud of Shadows to Shroud of Darkness.

A stronger version of Shroud of Shadows. The upgrade can make invisible things visible and can be worn like a cape. It also produces purple flames of darkness when used.